Saturday, February 24, 2007

Teens Found Guilty of Potential Sex Crime

Speaking of sex crimes, or future crimes, two Florida teens exchanged digital photos which captured the two teens 'engaged in sexual activity.'

The sex was not a crime, it was legal in the state of Florida. But exchanging photos of the legal activity, that was a different matter.

The teens were prosecuted and convicted under child porn laws (but tried as adults!), cause one day . . . who knows? . . . maybe . . . "Amber and Jeremy could have eventually sold the photos to child pornographers or shown them to friends," said wacko Judge James R. Wolf.

The judge also speculated that one day someone might hack into the teens' computers, and the hacker might find the photos, and the hacker might be into child porn and if the hacker was into child porn, well, that might lead to the birth of a child porn distribution center.

Yeah, and someone with a camera might have seen them having sex, or maybe someone with a camera will see YOU having sex.

This is why we have laws, folks. To nip the crimes in the bud before we ever get around to committing them.

Be careful.

via Avedon at The Sideshow and Diane at The Dees Diversion