Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Abortion: Cool Facts and Hot Feelings

While Bush continues his all-out assault on women's right to self-determination, it appears that I am not the only woman who is getting more and more pissed.

Bitch Ph.D offers a list of facts on abortion along with some strong feelings:

"So the next time some wank job tries to make "abortion" into a discussion about "late-term abortion," or starts nattering on about how pro-choice women hate babies, or how "abortion is on the rise" or how awful it is that women have abortions out of "convenience," hit 'em with the facts, and ask them if they think that trying to support a family of three on less than $28,000 / year is a question of convenience, or survival. "

Aunt B at Tiny Cat Pants is taking no prisoners:

" (And, it's for exactly this reason that I am becoming more and more rabidly pro-abortion--yeah, I said 'pro-abortion' motherfuckers--a woman ought to be under no obligation to play host to unwelcome guests. Under no other circumstances would we tolerate an uninvited guest moving into our home and we should not be forced by the government to do it in this case. If the government can't force me to put up a soldier in my house, how dare it insist I put up a human in my uterus?) "