Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Supremely Male Court: Bound to Stay That Way for God Knows How Long

When asked to comment on the Bush nominee who will replace the first of all two of the women who have ever served on the Supreme Court in the entire history of this alleged democracy, Sandra Day O'Connor replied:

"He's good in every way, except he's not a woman."

O'Connor added that she was almost certain that Bush would be disinclined to appoint a woman as Chief Justice. Yeah, well, you wouldn't want too many women on the High Court, not when the business of the Court impacts the everyday lives of women who are, afterall, only the majority of the population in this nation.

Too many women on the High Court might bring enough female experiential knowledge to the bench to cause some serious and long overdue soul searching about the status of women in a nation that calls itself a democracy while boasting a long and continuing tradition of being run by rich white men.

Just like in the days before women got the vote, we women still get rights by demanding that men give them to us. This is progress?

Why is it too much to ask that the next four nominees be women?

A nod to Political Wire.