Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Denver Surprise

The New York Sun boldly goes there:

Could Senator Clinton win the Democratic presidential nomination at the last minute by taking advantage of buyer's remorse among Democratic super-delegates who are dismayed by the performance of Senator Obama's campaign so far?

. . [W]hat if, by the time the convention rolls around, Mr. Obama isn't just running neck and neck with Mr. McCain but is lagging by, say, five percentage points, or if Mr. Obama makes a big blunder with his choice of a running mate, or some other campaign stumble? Then expect the whispers already swirling among Clinton supporters to turn into a full-fledged roar. .

We have no illusions about the ultra-long-shot of Mrs. Clinton's chances of actually emerging as the Democratic nominee, but they are not technically impossible, as Mr. Obama is no doubt aware. . Mr. Obama may think the primary campaign is over, but Mrs. Clinton's die-hard supporters still itch for a last-minute surprise.

via The Confluence