Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hillary Clinton Will Emasculate Chris Matthews

Okay, here's the latest avalanche of misogyny from Hillary-hater Chris Matthews.

Why does this crazed sexist hormonal-pundit even have a teevee show? To attack Democratic front-runners and to make CNN's wackjob Lou Dobbs look sane.

via Bob Somerby:

MATTHEWS: I think—I think that, for, rightly or wrongly, when people think about Hillary Clinton and their emotions are exposed, they feel that she thinks she’s better than us, morally as well as intellectually.

I think, when people think and feel about Obama, they feel that he makes us better than us. He makes us feel better than we thought we were. He makes us feel generous, tolerant, upbeat, fearless, future-oriented. Just to be for Obama makes you feel better. Being for Hillary makes you feel subservient to her, because she’s perfect. She has had to deal, as she put it, with “evil men.” She’s had to deal with people who are inferior to her, morally, all her life.

That’s my hunch. You like the feel of being for Obama. You don’t like the feel of being for Hillary. That’s my hunch.

That's really great policy analysis Chris. Hillary Clinton makes you "feel subservient." Wow. Thanks so much for the informative fact-based reasons for your support for Obama and your near daily hysterical rants against Hillary and in defense of your anxious masculinity.

But you forgot to talk about how Hillary looks like
Nurse Ratched, and about how "strident" Hillary "cackles" like a witch, and you forgot to invoke the Hillary Clinton Testicle Lock Box.

It's perfectly clear that your opposition to Hillary Clinton is based on your irrational deep-seated fears of emasculation. Newsflash for you Tweety: All your worst fears are true. It's true that Hillary Clinton is your moral and intellectual superior.

And it's true that Hillary Clinton is really and truly out to emasculate you. Cause in your sick and twisted reptilian brain, a woman in power signifies your castration!

A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote to emasculate Chris Matthews!

Senator Clinton has the highest favorable rating of all the Democratic candidates - 68 percent. And yet another poll finds Hillary leads Obama by 30 points among Democrats across the nation.

In other words, the little project of emasculating Chris Matthews is looking real promising.