Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bonneville Trailer & Other Movies Starring Women

2008 Films Starring Women (grossing at least 5 million worldwide as of June 23):

• Sex and the City
• 27 Dresses
• Mamma Mia
• Nim's Island
• The Other Boleyn Girl
• Baby Mama
• Mad Money
• My Blueberry Nights
• Penelope
• Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day
• How She Move

Women and Hollywood Blog: "Go see a movie about women on the opening weekend, that is what matters to Hollywood," . . Cash, at least, doesn't have a gender bias. . Women won't go see a piece a shit movie like a 25-year-old boy, its just not going to happen, so the quality of films and the marketing of these films is key. . Hollywood really needs to figure out how to market to women. . Their marketing kind of reminds me of not too long ago when all medical testing was done on men and then all the findings were extrapolated to include women. Women are not just smaller men, we are different. Why is that so hard to understand?