Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hillary Wins PA Big: Tide Is Turning OR Here Comes the Sun! (Video)

Hillary Rodham Clinton won in Pennsylvania by 55 to 45 percent -- a double-digit victory in spite of the fact that she was outspent by three to one!

The Democratic voters who turned out in Pennsylvania were 59% women! Or like the pundits say:

Obama can't close the deal because of problematic white women. And we aren't going away. Go Hillary!!!

Hillary's Victory Speech: The Tide Is Turning

"This has been a historic race and I commend Senator Obama and his supporters tonight. We are, in many ways, all on this journey together to create an America that embraces every last one of us. The women in their nineties who tell me they were born before women could vote and they’re hopeful of seeing a woman in the White House. The mothers and fathers at my events, who lift their little girls on their shoulders and whisper in their ears, 'see, you can be anything you want.'"
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Here Comes the Sun

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Via SusanUnPC comes this gem: POPULAR VOTE NUMBERS: ABC News Delegate Tracker (down one screen) notes that, if you count Michigan, Hillary has taken the lead in the popular vote:
Hillary - 15,005,761
Obama - 14,893,607