Friday, February 01, 2008

Obama Attacks Universal Health Care With the Return of Harry & Louise

What the hell is Obama thinking?

Sen. Obama is sending this misleading (lying) anti universal health care piece of mail out to voters around the country. Those of us who lived through the health insurance industry's war against Hillary Clinton's 1990s universal health care plan have been here before.

The couple in the photo with the GOP style caption bear a striking resemblance to Harry and Louise - the stars of the infamous tv ads in the multi-million dollar campaign that convinced the American people that universal health care was a really scary idea.

This is as low as it gets!

Does Obama even support universal health care? Or anything resembling it? Or does he just want to move into the White House? It appears that a vote for Barack Obama is a vote against universal health care.

Sen. Obama fails to mention Hillary's plan cuts costs just as aggressively as Sen. Obama, if not more so.
Hillary's plan contains more generous subsidies than the Obama plan. Noted health expert Ken Thorpe of Emory University concluded that under the Hillary plan, everyone will be able to afford coverage.
The Obama plan leaves 15 million people out, which drives up costs because everyone else ends up subsidizing their emergency care.
via the Fact Hub

"[A]ll the Democratic plans include subsidies to lower-income families to help them pay for insurance, plus a promise to increase the subsidies if they prove insufficient. In fact, the Edwards and Clinton plans contain more money for such subsidies than the Obama plan. If low-income families find insurance unaffordable under these plans, they’ll find it even less affordable under the Obama plan." -- Paul Krugman

Obama does Harry and Louise, again

Small CSPAN graphic: Screenshot of the 1993 Harry & Louise ads.

"Universal health care is such a core Democratic principle that I am willing to go to the mat for it." -- Hillary Clinton