Saturday, February 02, 2008

Hillary Fans in CA: 'Yes, SHE Can!!' (Video)

Todd Beeton, of MyDD attended a rally for Hillary Rodham Clinton at Cal State Los Angeles in East LA and provides the following video clips. One is of an insanely long line outside Hillary's rally. The other gives a hint of the passion that people feel for Hillary.

As Todd notes, "her opponents underestimate the passion people have for her at their peril."

Commenting on the diversity of the crowd, Todd notes that Hillary's fans erupted into what is clearly a feminist spin on the United Farm Workers’ chant, Si Se Puede -- which may very well become Hillary's new slogan:

[T]he crowd, which was largely hispanic but by no means predominantly so, would continue the chant, alternating between "Si Se Puede," "Yes We Can" and then, and this seemed to spring up spontaneously from the crowd, "Yes She Can!"