Wednesday, September 27, 2006

TN Hate Amendment Campaign Yearning for Yard Signs

Nashville is crowded with pro marriage equality Vote No On 1 yard signs. I see them everywhere I go.

Here it is just a little more than a month until election day -- when Tennesseans get to vote on the alleged christian inspired question of writing discrimination into the state constitution -- and the Hate Amendment campaigners still don't have their yard signs!

Every two weeks or so, the alleged christian leaders of the Hate Amendment campaign tell their supporters to stand by, the hate yard signs are coming. But they're still not here. What's the delay? Did they have trouble finding a homophobic printer?

What will the Hate Amendment signs look like? The suspense is killing me. Since my neighborhood has a dire shortage of bigots, I fear that I may never get to see the long awaited Vote Yes on the Hate Amendment signs.

Thankfully, a local activist has provided me with a good idea of what the long awaited pro Hate Amendment signs are going to look like:

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Click on the sign to visit the Hate Amendment crew over at the alleged - which is headed up by State Senator David Fowler. Senator Fowler is the President of the Focus on the Family affiliate, the Family Action Council of Tennessee.

Talk about a conflict of interest. Here's a state senator taking money from tax-payers for the job of representing them, while taking money from bigots for the job of depriving tax-payers of civil rights. Why is this legal? Or is it?

Fowler is not running for re-election. Senator Fowler is supposed to be retiring from the job of taking funds from tax-payers while discriminating against tax-payers, but we are still waiting.

You can pick up your Vote No On 1 yard sign at the campaign headquarters: 1709 Church Street, Nashville, TN 37203. Or, if you aren't in Nashville, you can order them online and/or make an online donation. If you are in Nashville, the Vote No On 1 campaign can use some volunteers.

And you don't want to miss the upcoming demonstration outside the James Dobson get-the-hate-vote-out event here in Nashville.