Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Spawn of Frist

Check out the beer holster modeled by Jonathan Frist, middle son of Bill Frist.

We're guessing this must be the latest in Vanderbilt student fashions.

And then there's the really weird pants.

Roll Call (subscription) reports that Jonathan "uses colorful language on his Vanderbilt University Facebook.com site."

Jonathan's "colorful" profile has since been deleted.

One of Wonkette's readers suggests that Jonathan's weird pants "match a Confederate battle uniform. . . It's possible that he is wearing these because he is a Kappa Alpha frat member, which has “Old South”…an annual party where the boys dress up like Confederate soldiers and the girls wear hoop skirts."

Over at Wonkette, they think Jon Boy is more popular than his freaky gay-hating dad. But with pants like those, we have to ask: popular with whom?

Via Wonkette and hat tip to Jackson Miller.

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