Thursday, March 28, 2013

TN Lawmakers Pass Bill To BAN NON-DISCRIMINATION at Colleges (WTF?)

While the rest of the grown-up world is hard at work trying to ban discrimination, Tennessee's reptile-brained lawmakers are trying to ban NON-discrimination! 

This is just another bizarro way of endorsing discrimination against gays. Heck, that's what half the bills coming out of Tennessee seem to deal with anyway. How to better discriminate against gays or whatever group the old white grumpy men in charge decide they don't like, that is the ultimate mission of the reptile-brained GOP lawmakers in Tennessee. 

Pathetically primitive and deeply embarrassing. 
A proposal to bar public universities and colleges from implementing nondiscrimination policies for student groups is headed to the governor for his consideration. The measure passed the Senate 30-0 on Wednesday. It was approved in the House 75-21 earlier this month.

The legislation does not include private institutions such as Vanderbilt University — a provision that caused Republican Gov. Bill Haslam to veto last year’s version. The governor’s office says it’s OK with the current legislation.

Sponsors say the measure is aimed at preventing colleges from creating policies requiring student groups to open membership to all students and allow all members to seek leadership posts. Christian groups have protested a similar policy at Vanderbilt University.