Monday, April 01, 2013

Google Honors Cesar Chavez, Right-wingers Go Nuts

Google honored Cesar Chavez on March 31st (his birthday) and right on cue, right-wingers freaked out. 

Conservatives reacted with outrage on Easter Sunday after seeing that the search engine Google had honored labor activist and civil rights leader Cesar Chavez, who died 20 years ago.
One man declared that Google had alienated “all Christians in America today.” Others promised to switch to Microsoft’s search engine Bing, which featured Easter Eggs on its website. Radio host Glenn Beck also joined the chorus of conservative outrage on Twitter, writing, “Cool for Google to not celebrate Easter but really?!!? Go to . HAPPY Caesar Chavez day everybody! #HELIVES!”

The “doodle” placed a portrait of Chavez in the middle of Google’s logo to commemorated his birthday on March 31. The date is celebrated as a state holiday in California, Colorado and Texas. The Chicano labor leader gained iconic status after co-founding the United Farm Workers to fight against unfair labor conditions. The conservative publication described Chavez as a “cult figure in California” and complained it was “not the first time that Google has chosen to honor leftists over tradition.”