Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Lewis Libby's Smutty Novel

When Libby isn’t busy leaking classified information or endangering national security, he’s writing white trash rightwing novels about homoeroticism, incest and bestiality.

Hey, aren't those the famed symptoms of same-sex marriage? [gasp] Is Libby hiding something else from us?

In a review, titled: SCOOTER’S SEX SHOCKER, The New Yorker notes that Libby's novel includes themes of homoeroticism and incest.

The Apprentice”—Libby’s 1996 entry in the long and distinguished annals of the right-wing dirty novel—tells the tale of Setsuo, a courageous virgin innkeeper who finds himself on the brink of love and war. . . . Homoeroticism and incest also figure as themes.

Other subjects covered in the novel are bestiality, lice, snot, drunkenness, bad breath, torture, urine, “turds,” armpits, arm hair, neck hair, pubic hair, pus, boils, and blood (regular and menstrual).

Those funny Republicans! I guess we know what Scooter is going to be doing while he serves his hard time for covering for Cheney.