Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Death of the Republican Party

"I think [Bush has] done a terrible job as president. I think he's going to be known, perhaps, as being the Millard Fillmore of the last 100 years."

Fillmore was the last president of the Whig Party before it died in the 1850s.

I think Harry Reid is on to something. The death of the Republican Party is the best thing that could happen to a party that gets all its ideas from dead white men, and, consequently, runs candidates who promote intolerance and hatred.

Clearly, Republicans do not know how to govern. The nation hasn't been so divided since the Civil War, and it looks like the ongoing cultural war is about to get a whole lot worse, thank you Bush.

One day, the history books will surely say:

Bush was the last president of the Republican Party before it died at around the turn of the century.

Just imagine how much more peaceful and productive our lives would be without the Republican party.