Thursday, March 28, 2013

TN Democratic Party: The Real Bill Haslam Rejects Medicaid Expansion

Governor Bill Haslam is playing with real lives in his rejection of the expanded Medicaid plan offered by the federal government.  

Bill Haslam has got health care for his family. Those of us who don't are on our own.  

Shame on Bill Haslam. If he goes to church this Sunday, the sermon should be about him.

 via Tennessee Democratic Party fb

"Lucy Maynard cried for two hours in a borrowed home at the dead-end street of a trailer park in Old Hickory after watching Gov. Bill Haslam announce that Medicaid wouldn’t be expanded in Tennessee."

“Governor Haslam’s decision not to accept federal dollars to provide health coverage to hundreds of thousands of working Tennesseans is a tragic disappointment. The economic impact, especially on rural communities, will be devastating, and probably permanent.”  -- Tennessee Justice Center