Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tennessee Lawmakers Debate Permitting Women to Breastfeed Babes Over Age One (!)

Tennessee is the only state that dares to dictate to women at what age breastfeeding in public is permitted. Women are 'permitted' to breastfeed in public, but only if babes are no older than 12 months. Some of the yahoo lawmakers in the state of Tennessee appear to think that we women are all their wives/chattel. If we're really really good, they'll let us little women decide for ourselves when and where to breastfeed. (They call it the land of the free because lawmakers are free to be little tyrants?)

Speaking of yahoo lawmakers, apparent pervert Sen. Bo Watson(R-Chattanooga) fears (or hopes?) that if lawmakers permit women to make their own damn decisions, women will begin to breastfeed 35-year-old children! Can we please get a law designed to keep perverted lawmakers away from innocent babes and their breastfeeding moms?:

State senators voted Wednesday (..the committee voted 7-1) to allow mothers to breastfeed children of any age in public, setting aside concerns that it might open the door to “weird things” involving bar patrons.

Tennessee is one of 44 states with laws allowing a woman to breastfeed in public, but it’s the only state with an age limit for the child. Under current law, mothers risk indecent exposure charges if they publicly breastfeed a child who is older than 12 months.

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