Friday, January 07, 2011

Ms. Magazine: The Woman (Nancy Pelosi) Time & Newsweek Won't Put on the Cover

It's great to see Ms. speaking up. So Time & Newsweek never put Speaker Pelosi on their covers but already have managed to do that very thing for brother Boehner even though he only assumed the office yesterday.

Of course this couldn't possibly be about sexism. Everybody knows that Nancy Pelosi didn't make the cover of Time or Newsweek simply because she's a bitch. (Previously Pelosi was on the cover of Ms. in the Winter 2007 issue. )

"When I became the speaker, we won 30 seats. It was a victorious thing -- I was the first woman speaker. It didn't get that much play. And I'm not a publicity seeker, so it was O.K. with me. Boehner, before the election, they had him on the cover of Newsweek. Now he's on the cover of Time, and women are coming to me and saying, 'Is the job less important when a woman holds it?'" -- Nancy Pelosi

Ms. Magazine Pelosi Cover Takes A Dig At Time And Newsweek (PHOTOS)
Ms. -- Most. Effective. Speaker. Ever.

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