Friday, May 28, 2010

Greenpeace UK Rebrands BP: British Polluters (Video)

BP needs a new logo and Greenpeace is on the job:

Our climbers scaled the front of BP's corporate headquarters in London to brand them with a logo that better suits their dirty business.

We think their logo needs a makeover to better suit a company that invests in tar sands and other unconventional oil sources like deep water oil. We reckon a company that invests in tar sands - the dirtiest oil there is - needs something other than a nice green flower as their brand identity. And while our effort at a new logo is OK, we think you can do better, so we're asking you to help us redesign BP's logo and win the chance to see your artwork displayed 'prominently' as the new image of BP.

Greenpeace Plants Flag at BP Corporate Headquarters

Enter Greenpeace UK's Rebrand BP competition and see more BP logos here.