Saturday, May 08, 2010

BP Oil Slick Larger than Maryland

While our President continues to stand by his foolish and dangerous support for offshore oil drilling, we learn that pregnant women and children should avoid our Southern oily beaches. Too bad our wildlife do not have that option. Also, Florida is not happy about its own coming oily beaches.

The Washington Post reports:

"The slick now is larger than Maryland. Officials shut down additional fishing grounds, effectively putting out of work hundreds more in an industry that is the lifeblood of the region, as well as the Breton National Wildlife Sanctuary. Out in the gulf, birds dove into oily water, dolphins coughed and sharks swam in weird patterns, said marine specialists who have been out on the water tracking the disaster."

"It turns out, by the way, that oil rigs today generally don’t cause spills. They are technologically very advanced."

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