Saturday, May 08, 2010

SCOTUS: Obama to Pick Elena Kagan On Monday, Rightwingers Will Be Pleased

It's all over the internet, Obama is going to announce his Supreme Court nominee on Monday, and it will be Elena Kagan. Yeah, that Elena Kagan. The one liberals have been desperately hoping Obama would not pick.

Not only does our President refuse to put a flaming liberal or a genuine progressive on his short list, he chooses to nominate the least progressive, I mean to say the most conservative of those on his cowardly short list.

Why does Obama like Kagan? Let's consult a conservative:

But whatever Kagan is, she is not a liberal legal hero. In fact, one of the main liberal criticisms of Kagan is that her record is mixed, and the lack of a broad written record makes her too much of a stealth candidate. Kagan could be David Souter in reverse. Kagan's previously stated positions, such as that there is no constitutional right to same-sex marriage, inflame liberals who are looking to this pick as the chance to get a full-fledged left-wing ideologue on the Court. Supreme Court Watchers Wonder: How Conservative Is Kagan?
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