Monday, April 19, 2010

Sexism Is Funny? (Video)

File this one under Sexist Idiots in High Places. Thomas Mitchell, editor of Nevada's largest newspaper, wrote a lame, not funny, column suggesting that women should lose the right to vote: "Time to repeal the 19th Amendment?" [via Washington Monthly]

The idiot's biggest complaint is that most women vote Democratic. Um, that would be because the Democratic Party is the way lesser of the two evil parties and most women know that. (Women in the House - 73: 56D, 17R; Women in the Senate - 17: 13D, 4R.) I can't wait for the day when the Dems have to scramble to keep up with an actual liberal feminist party. We're not there yet, but surely the day is coming soon, or else we're so doomed. But I digress.

In a subsequent column, Mitchell suggests he was only joking, he was being satirical, but no one got it. As support for the contention that sexism is one big hilarious oh so funny joke, Mitchell posts a not so funny video clip of Obama joking about sexism. But not racism. Like I said, self-centered sexist idiots.