Saturday, April 17, 2010

Tennessee Lawmaker Advocates Vigilante Justice

Quote of the Day

"First of all, we know that Tennessee is one of the most violent states in the union. What we’re doing now of trying to protect our citizens is not working. So let’s let the good guys, those that go through the permitting process and are citizens who obey the law, let’s let them see if we can’t stop some of this violence that’s going on in our bars and in our restaurants."

The Tennessee lawmaker was making an argument on behalf of the Guns In Bars bill, a bill that would allow gun-nuts with easy-to-get permits to scare the bejesus out of ordinary Tennesseans by carrying guns into bars. I've heard arguments for vigilante justice before, but never from an actual duly elected lawmaker. I wonder what Nashville's finest think. This is a really bad and dangerous message for Rep. Casada or any lawmaker to be sending.