Friday, November 09, 2007

Did Pelosi Threaten to Yank John Conyers' Chairmanship If He Moves to Impeach?

Avedon Carol thinks we deserve to know the real reason Nancy Pelosi "so desperately wants impeachment 'off the table.'" And while we are demanding long overdue answers, we need to "ask Pelosi if it is true that she has threatened John Conyers - John Conyers! - with loss of his chairmanship if he moves impeachment proceedings forward."

Avedon has Pelosi's contact info.

"It's not merely that there is nothing more important for Congress to do (and there isn't). It's that there is nothing productive that Congress can do as long as we have a completely lawless executive branch." -- Avedon Carol

Tell John Conyers it's time to impeach.
Thank Dennis Kucinich.

Steve Cohen (D-TN): Cheney Impeachment Measure Still Alive