Monday, April 29, 2013

May Day Action: Occupy Goldman Sachs' 73 Offices

A little May Day world-wide action is scheduled for May Day 2013. 

Spread the word. 

From ADBUSTERS, of course: 

 The #GOLDMAN Meme

This May Day, let's wipe that grin off Lloyd Blankfein's face...

Yo meme warriors,

This May Day, let's thrill the world by wiping that grin off Lloyd Blankfein's face … 

First, blast this meme through the cyber-sphere and get your friends in a mischievous mood. Then we'll take this fun offline in time for next Wednesday, when we swarm Goldman Sachs' 73 offices around the globe, and shut down this criminal corporation for several hours, or more …

Just tuning in? Catch up on the action thus far at Adbusters Tactical Briefing #41, #42, and #43.
for the wild,

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