Monday, April 29, 2013

Tennessee Lawmakers Hope to Hurt Poor Families With Drug Test

The state of Tennessee already treats poor women and children like they are garbage. Ever vigilant, our legislator creeps have found yet another way to inflict pain and misery.  

As usual Tennessee lawmakers are targeting the most vulnerable Tennesseans with hostile and punitive legislation.  This latest will attempt to deprive poor families of help via TANF by requiring drug tests.  

The expressed hope of the heartless soulless Republican lawmakers is to spend money on drug tests instead of helping poor families survive hard times. 

The hope is not to treat the disease of drug addiction, the hope is to avoid helping poor families: 

 "Tennessee’s sponsor for the drug law, Sen. Stacey Campfield, R-Knoxville, said he’s not discouraged by what’s happening in other states, and he would consider the law successful if it drove down the number of applicants simply because they knew they would be tested."

 And these are people who say they believe in heaven and hell.  Obviously that is just one more effing lie. There are no words for the depravity of our so-called 'leaders.' 

The state of Tennessee loathes helping poor families as it is, even though the paltry monthly TANF benefit is low enough to make Ebenezer Scrooge proud.
  A similar law is being challenged in Florida because it is unconstitutional.  Waiting for the state of Tennessee to be sued as well. 
In Tennessee, the maximum monthly benefit for a parent and 2 children with no income is 185 lousy dollars.  

Yeah, the state of Tennessee is ruled by freaking christian zealots whose first priority is harming poor folks. Churches should deny them entrance.