Thursday, August 02, 2012

Hey Money-Grubbing Romney: Stop Asking Liberals for Money!

Hey Mittens Romney, stop asking this bleeding heart liberal for money!

Here's my letter back to Mitt Romney telling him to take me off his malodorous mailing list. Sorry Mittens, there ain't no money inside. Duh.

Letters must be pouring into liberals' mail boxes as I write. Yet more proof that Mittens Romney runs an incompetent, hopelessly dysfunctional campaign.

This is the 3rd self-serving money-grubbing entreaty from Wannabe President Mittens Romney that I've received - to date. Romney's slick letter literally begs for cash. To add insult to injury, the loathsome letter calls me a loyal Republican! Way to really insult a girrl, Mittens!  Never voted for one of those self-absorbed deluded creatures in my life.  Never will.

Yeah, I had to buy the stamp myself. Money-Grubber-Mittens is too cheap to provide a stamp.   

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