Thursday, March 05, 2009

Male Political Bloggers Still Talking About Sarah Palin's 'Hotness'

Sarah Palin has been quietly taking care of business in Alaska for seemingly ages now, but the men here on the mainland haven't forgotten her. Mostly they haven't forgotten about how hot she is. And here's yet another variation of the popular Blame Sarah Palin for the GOP Failure game: Sarah lost the election for McCain because she was too hot! As opposed to Hillary, who lost the election for herself because she was a ball-buster.

Here are the learned male bloggers and their readers opining on women's most valuable attribute:

Taegan Goddard: Palin's Looks Hurt GOP Ticket
James Joyner: Palin Too Sexy for White House?
Tom Jacobs: Sex Appeal May Have Hurt Sarah Palin
Ben Smith: Did Palin's looks hurt?

All this from the study: “Objectifying Sarah Palin: Evidence that Objectification Causes Women to be Perceived as Less Competent and Less Fully Human:"

Although a great deal of research has examined the effects of objectification on women’s self-perceptions and behavior, empirical research has yet to address how objectifying a woman affects the way she is perceived by others. We hypothesize that focusing on a woman’s appearance will promote reduced perceptions of competence, and also, by virtue of construing the women as an “object,” perceptions of the woman as less human. We found initial experimental evidence for these hypotheses as a function of objectifying two targets – Sarah Palin and Angelina Jolie. In addition, focusing on Palin’s appearance reduced intentions to vote for the McCain-Palin ticket (prior to the 2008 U.S. Presidential election ). We discuss these findings in the context of the election and the objectification of women.

Andrew Malcolm may be joking, but he manages to illustrate the apparent consensus: Dammit, if anyone needs to change, it's Sarah Palin:

“[This] would seem to suggest that, for any hope of success in 2012 or beyond, the 45-year-old governor needs to whack off that hair, pork up a bit and get some cheap, baggy pantsuits over at the Wasilla Wal-Mart. And instead of that come-on wink that many thought they liked, she’d do well to develop an uncontrollable facial twitch.” -- New study suggests hot Sarah Palin should dowdy down for 2012"

And then, at long last, Sarah Palin will be treated like she's just one of the boyz. In your dreams. In fact, she will be treated like she is out to castrate all the boyz.