Monday, February 09, 2009

Standing With Michael Phelps: The Kellogg's Boycott Is On

Kellogg's is apparently being deluged with phone calls about its insane 1950s Reefer Madness policy. And at least 4 of the very well organized drug policy reform groups are calling for a boycott.

Or as NORML says: The Kellogg Company Drops Michael Phelps, The Cannabis Community Drops Kellogg’s.

This could be an excellent way to send a message to Obama and those pot obsessed guys in Washington who are so stuck in the absurd Reefer Madness time warp that they routinely ruin lives and destroy families by throwing innocent pot smokers and future Olympic gold medal champions into prison. If they keep this up, half the country will be in prison!!!

Ryan Grim:

The Huffington Post placed a call to Kellogg Friday evening to find out more about their marijuana policies, and was greeted with this recording: "Thank you for calling the Kellogg Company. If you would like to share your comments regarding our relationship with Michael Phelps, please press one to speak to a representative. . ." [Listen here.] So far, three drug-policy reform groups - the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, Students for Sensible Drug Policy and the Drug Policy Alliance - have all called for a boycott of Kellogg products until Phelps is rehired. The groups have encouraged their members to reach out to Kellogg to share their opinions.

UPDATE: No uprising would be complete without, of course, a FaceBook group.

UPDATE II: The Marijuana Policy Project is jumping into the boycott fray. "Our members are as angry about this as I've ever seen them. We've been besieged by emails and phone calls from people wanting to boycott Kellogg's over the stupidity and unfairness of its action, so we will indeed be joining a boycott. This is a company that didn't mind that Phelps had a conviction for drunk driving, an illegal act that could actually have killed someone. For them to dump him for relaxing with a substance that's far safer than beer -- less addictive, massively less toxic, and overwhelmingly less likely to make users violent or aggressive -- is reprehensible. While boycotts are notoriously hard to pull off, the consumers who have made marijuana the number one cash crop in America represent a silent force that may just have been awakened big-time," said spokesman Bruce Mirken.

NORML has lots of contact info. Here's some:
Kellog's: (269) 961-2000 or toll free at: 1 (800) 962-1413 / Kellogg’s media relation department at: 269-961-3799 or via e-mail at /

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