Friday, December 05, 2008

Pressure Mounts for Chris Matthews' Job: MSNBC Attacked by Critics on the Left & the Right

It's "a strange bedfellows moment," when your rightwing and leftwing critics agree that you have crossed the line. Eric Burns, president of the lefty Media Matters and Brent Bozell, founder of the conservative Media Research Center and Tom Johnson, former president of CNN, all agree that Chris Matthews' use of MSNBC as an effective campaign headquarters for his senate run crosses the line!

If Matthews does run for the Pennsylvania senate seat, you can be sure that Hillary supporters from across the nation will descend upon Pennsylvania with the sole mission of defeating Hillary Hater Chris Matthews.

"They wouldn't even want to get paid. ... It would be like a volunteer army."

Chris Matthews needs to resign and quit using MSNBC as his campaign headquarters. Tell his boss:

Update: The New Agenda has "a draft letter to use to contact NBC regarding their conflict of interest issue with Chris Matthews and contact info for the NBC bosses.

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