Monday, July 21, 2008

160 Years and Still Waiting - Rise Hillary Rise (Video)

Don't miss Dr. Violet Socks' astute analysis of the progress not made since Elizabeth Cady Stanton and her feminist cohorts signed the controversial Declaration of Sentiments in 1848: 160 years after Seneca Falls: how are we doing?

DemocracyDame: For 160 years in the United States, women, and some really great men, have been working to give women equal protection under the Constitution. This is a historic year: The 160th anniversary of the Seneca Falls Convention and the 88th Anniversary of the passage of the 14th Amendment. It is also a historic year in that Senator Clinton received more votes than any Democratic candidate in history. But Senator Obama has been chosen by the DNC as the candidate. How can that be? We want an answer, and we're still waiting.