Saturday, May 31, 2008

DNC Meeting: Are Florida and Michigan Voters 'Real' Voters?

Women protesters rally in D.C. to demand that the DNC count every vote! And the DNC meeting continues. . . one of the more riveting questions raised this morning: How to fairly punish Florida Democrats/voters for the Republicans' crime of moving up the Florida primary date?

Punishing Democrats for the deeds of Republicans. Wow.

Obama advocates are arguing for the need to be fair to all those Florida and Michigan voters who did NOT vote. They did not vote because they were told the election would not count, so the argument goes. And after the DNC finds a way to be fair to the folks who did NOT vote in the Florida and Michigan primaries, will they then find a way to be fair to the millions of voters who did NOT vote in the caucuses?

Democrats were hashing it out until 2 am last night. Katharine Seelye at The Caucus has the great photo above of the ongoing demonstration outside the DNC meeting. And she has this telling quote from Allan Katz, "chief advocate" for the unity candidate:

"There’s a strong push from the Clinton campaign to try and make believe that those primaries were real primaries, that everyone competed in them like they did in everything else. And there’s a strong push back from the Obama campaigns that, well, the rules were that this is not how we were going to select the delegates."

Yeah, because all those dumb voters in Michigan and Florida actually thought they cast "real" votes.

"There have been very tough disagreements and ugly moments. Emotions have run very high. There have been blatantly sexist comments, particularly by some members of the media. And blatantly racist remarks. And we know that those comments have no place in our society."