Saturday, May 31, 2008

Democrats Protest Outside DNC Meeting (Video)

In the following video, Democrats -- mostly women, supporters of voters' rights and supporters of Hillary Rodham Clinton -- rally for voters' rights outside the Democratic National Committee's Rules and Bylaws Committee meeting in Washington D.C. Lanny Davis is on the video too!

video of DNC protesters via the Washington Post

NY Times: Several people inside the room arrived with tape over their mouths, a sign of their contention that they were being silenced in the current Democratic presidential primary. . . A woman paced back and forth along the sidewalk, holding a sign that declared, “Count our votes or don’t count on us in November!”

Surprise. Donna Brazile is arguing for the rights of non voters. And CNN's Obama lovin' sham of a "neutral" pundit, Donna Brazile is getting boo-ed.

Angry protesters, and they are overwhelmingly women, make the radical demand that every vote be counted! Isn't that just like a woman? -- Photo via New York Times

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