Saturday, March 15, 2008

Writers Strike Against Hillary-Hating DailyObama, aka DailyKos

Alegre, a longtime Daily Kos poster, speaks for many of us when she says she's fed up with the vile Hillary-hating site that Daily Kos has become. Alegre's call for a boycott of Daily Kos speaks to the disillusionment many of us on the left feel about some of our former lefty heroes such as Markos, Josh Marshall and Keith Olbermann.

These lefty icons now serve the Right as recycling sites for the vilest of GOP talking points about Hillary Rodham Clinton. And it's all for the cause of promoting the unity candidate! Perhaps being robbed of so many progressive heroes is 'a liberating thing,' but I don't like it.

Alegre calls for us to join her in a writers' strike against the Daily Obama:

Writes Alegre, in what is now the featured post on the site, one of the founding sound boards of the Democratic netroots movements: "We are going on strike and taking our writing elsewhere. When and if our beloved community is once more a focal point for Democratic election discussions, we will gladly return." Alegre has set up "The American Federation of Concerned Bloggers (AFCB)" and has enlisted at least three dozen bloggers.

She writes:
.....Daily Kos and Markos himself no longer adhere to this purpose of electing Democrats. Daily Kos has become an Obama community and discussion of other Democrats is not welcome. We Clinton supporters are continually attacked and even threatened. The atmosphere has become so poisonous that we could do nothing else but take our discussions elsewhere. Places like where Clinton and Obama supporters chat without name calling. Heated discussions sometimes, but we tend to stay respectful of our fellow Democrat's opinions. Our post is currently up on the Recommended List so we must have tapped into something a lot of others have been feeling for quite some time.

This is an open letter to the progressive blogosphere..

I’ve decided to go on "strike" and will refrain from posting here as long as the administrators allow the more disruptive members of our community to trash Hillary Clinton and distort her record without any fear of consequence or retribution. . .

If you're sick of the way Hillary – a good and decent Democrat - has been vilified and attacked... if you've EVER recommended one of my dairies on this or any other site then please join me in this effort. Let's take a stand here and now and tell the world we will no longer remain silent in the face of the sexism, anger, irrational hate, lies and attacks against Hillary. Nor will we add to the bottom line of a site that continues to lead the charge in fueling it.

The double standards, the distortions, the hateful, irrational, personal attacks, and the lies about Hillary and her long and distinguished record of public service stop here – and they stop now.

And from Tom Watson:

The resentment among non-Obama backers is growing rapidly - you can see it in the comments here, and I can see it in my emails. There’s a real split among party activists, and it’s getting wider.

Some of it is motivated by the media’s love affair with one candidate - and hatred for the other; Keith Olbermann’s embarrassment drove many over the edge. But much of it comes from boorish, Stalinist behavior online - the kind of “you’re either with us or against us” attitude we saw so much of when the Bush crowd was flying high. It’s disturbing, particularly because so many of the targets are women. This is not the Democratic Party many of us have worked for; this is not the progressive blogosphere we’ve supported.

Speaking of said resentment, see Poll: Will You Support the Democratic Nominee?

via Taylor Marsh and see Tom Watson & Jack Tapper