Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sexist Quote of the Day: When a Wife Wants to be President

“[Senator Clinton] says she’s been to 80 countries. My travel agent has been to 150 countries, that doesn’t make her qualified to be president. . Would someone say that Mamie Eisenhower is better prepared to be president than John Kennedy? Being the wife of a president doesn’t make you ready to be president.”
-- Zbigniew Brzezinski,
former adviser to JFK & Carter

But being a community organizer who HAS A WIFE makes you totally qualified, we're sure.

Somebody’s wife is running for president! Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Joe Scarborough, Tucker Carlson and all the boys from MSNBC's Morning Joe show were having a great old time devolving into pathetic fits of good-old-boy laughter after Brzezinski's witty sexist remark. But hey, this is MSNBC, what else did you expect? But hey, the man is a Democrat, what else did you expect? But hey, this is America, what else did you expect?

View the sexist boys at 5:09:

Joe Scarborough:
Brian Williams:

[Thanks wasab!]