Friday, December 21, 2007

CIGNA Health Insurance Company Kills Teen Girl

CIGNA turns a profit by letting teen-age girl die, sounds like murder to me.

Seventeen year old Nataline Sarkisyan has become the latest victim of America's greedy for-profit health care-less system.

CIGNA Insurance Company made some money by letting Nataline Sarkisyan die. As you can see, Nataline was a beautiful young girl.

Wasn't the morally bankrupt CIGNA one of the stars of Sicko?

California: A Northridge teenager awaiting a liver transplant died Thursday after she was pulled off of life support. CIGNA Insurance Company initially refused to cover the cost of the transplant for Natalee Sarkisian, saying the surgery was too experimental.

On Thursday, friends, family and members of a nurses association held a protest outside CIGNA headquarters in Glendale, urging the insurance company to reconsider. During the protest, Natalee's mother got word CIGNA had changed its mind and would make an exception for Natalee's surgery.

But the decision came too late for Natalee. Just after six o'clock tonight, her condition worsened. Natalee's family took her off life support and she passed away. Attorneys for the Sarkisian family may pursue legal action against CIGNA HealthCare.

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