Wednesday, May 16, 2007

What Do Cuban Cigars Have to Do with Fred Thompson's Ego?

Fred Thompson vs. Michael Moore -- In Response to Michael Moore's Challenge to a Health Care Debate Charge that Thompson has a thing for Cuban Cigars, Fred Thompson Plays Macho Man on Youtube . . .

Fred Thompson criticizes Michael Moore
via an op-ed in the neocon National Review. Michael Moore responds by challenging the Republican to a health care debate.

Moore also raises the touchy subject of Thompson's famed obsession for Cuban cigars. Just like a boy you knew in high school, Fred Thompson responds by playing a real man on Youtube.

In his hilarious parody of masculinity, Fred Thompson the actor pulls out all the props -- the fat cigar, the lush leather chair, and, of course, the air of insufferable superiority. The British are gonna' love this guy! [via ]