Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Harold Ford at TPM Cafe Today

Update -- Ford has arrived, and he's being eaten alive, so to speak. Heh.

Here's a taste:

Mark Weinberg said: "You voted for the war and never repudiated your vote. You are against gay rights. You invoke Jesus at every opportunity. You are anti-choice. Why in God's name would an antiwar, pro-gay, pro-choice Jew like myself have any reason to support you? Frankly, you are to the right of Joe Lieberman. Aren't you just another Zell Miller? I like Democrats who are DEMOCRATS and you are a DINO."

Tennessee's Harold Ford will be at the TPM Cafe today to "discuss the DLC's policy plans for the 2008 primary." Merely the mention of Harold "I am Not a Liberal" Ford's name has already stirred things up at TPM.

Go on over and remind Ford that there are liberals in Tennessee.