Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Edwards, Obama & Clinton Boycott Fox Debate

Poor Fox News. No one wants to be in their debate. John Edwards was the first to say, hell no. Last week Edwards announced that he would boycott the September Democratic debate. Barack Obama now follows Edwards' lead, and Hillary Clinton follows Obama.

“[T]here’s just no reason for Democrats to give Fox a platform to advance the right-wing agenda while pretending they’re objective,” said John Edwards.

The presidential debate is also sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus. Too bad the CBC didn't listen to Democratic activists and give Fox the cold shoulder. Without Edwards, Obama and Clinton, the CBC is left with a nonevent.

As Fox Attacks observes: "Fox is not a credible news outlet and their deception needs to be stopped."

At this writing, Fox has yet to respond with their usual unprofessional, petty, and vindictive attack on the Dems. But give them time.

Only one short month ago, the Dems closed down the Nevada Fox News debate. This could become a habit.


Obama and Clinton aides said they intended to participate in six debates sanctioned by the Democratic National Committee. The DNC's list did not include the Fox News-CBC Institute debate, a concession to liberal and black activists who say Fox has slighted blacks and is biased in favor of conservatives.

A spokesman for Obama, who is a member of the Congressional Black Caucus, made it clear that Obama intended to participate in a debate co-sponsored by the CBC Institute and CNN.

"CNN seemed like a more appropriate host," Obama spokesman Bill Burton said.

Meanwhile, DLC Chair Harold Ford is still working for Fox News.

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