Monday, October 16, 2006

Stand for All Families in Nashville Today

Protest James Dobson's Anti Gay Rally

James Dobson and his rightwing Republican crew will be spreading bigotry in Nashville today at Two Rivers Baptist Church -- the very same church that hosted the infamous Justice Sunday II political rally. The pastor of this church has appeared on Chris Matthews' Hardball on more than one occasion. Somebody tell me why this church has a tax exempt status.

Dobson and his crew of hatemongers are here to get their base revved up and ready to vote for their Hate Amendment. The hatemongers finally got their yard signs and will be passing out a thousand or two at the church. Look for the signs at your local church, they are quite noticeable. They are bright and shiny; we think the color is Satan Red.

You can join the folks at the Tennessee Equality Project for a Stand for All Families Picnic at Glendale Baptist Church, 1021 Glendale Lane, Nashville, TN 37204, at 6pm.

Bring a picnic dinner, a blanket and join us as we celebrate ALL families with faith leaders, music, activities for children, and a spotlight on great families who remind us that we come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

James Dobson is in Nashville this day spreading his message of intolerance and discrimination. Come join us as we counter his message with one of love, and inclusion and most of all, celebration.

Or -- you can join the Stand for All Families Protest outside the church at 4:30.

We will meet in the Opry Mills parking lot, Gibson Showcase corner, at 4:30pm sharp. We will then pile into as few cars as possible and head across the street where I've found a pull-off we can park in. We'll then line the street on the sidewalk leading up the entrance of the church, holding our signs in protest. This is meant to be a loving event. There will be no anger represented here. We will mostly remain silent unless spoken to. We want to send a positive message, not propagate the negative ones surrounding us already.

Vote No On the Hate Amendment!

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