Monday, October 30, 2006

A Message from Senator 'Working-for-Dobson' Fowler

The Senator Wants You to Write Some Letters to the Editor About Gay Marriage!

Senator David Fowler is still calling himself 'Senator.' I thought by now he'd be calling himself "former Senator." I guess it's a lifetime position.

The Senator, who is President of the Family Action Council of Tennessee and Director of, wants you to write some letters to the editor about the Tennessee Hate Amendment.

Well, actually he only wants you to write letters if you are straight, selfish, and determined to make life difficult for everyone who differs from you.

Here's what Senator 'Working-for-James-Dobson' Fowler has to say:

Message from Senator Fowler

As director of, I want to thank you for all of your hard work in supporting marriage in Tennessee over the past several months. With less than 10 days left before Election Day on Nov. 7th, and with early voting going on now, there is still much we can do to help protect the institution of marriage and pass Amendment 43 and defeat Referendum I.

One great thing you can do that will help people know about the amendment and the need to vote Yes is to write a letter to your local newspaper editor. It won’t take but a few minutes. You can find sample letters to the editor in Word format that you can pull up, tweak to suit your style, address and print out. It’s fast, easy and so very important.

And, if you’ve not heard of the bus trip, please attend one of the stops closest you to. The schedule is on the link at Show the media in Tennessee that we will not let our state become another New Jersey!

Thank you for your continued support.


David Fowler
The Family Action Council of Tennessee
2479 Murfreesboro Road, No. 362
Nashville, TN 37217

So, there you go. You can just help yourself to any of the twelve letters so thoughtfully provided by Senator David Fowler, and all you have to do is 'tweak' them, and then sign your name, almost like you wrote them yourself! No word on whether Fowler is also providing postage.

I guess we should be on the lookout for some very unoriginal letters to the editor. Or maybe we should help ourselves and do our own 'tweaking.'

You can see them here. And here's the one titled Polygamy:

Dear Editor:

I do not buy the argument by proponents of same sex marriage that marriage is simply about love and commitment. If that is all that is required for marriage, then anything can be a marriage.

When asked why she did not support polygamy, Cheryl Jacques, formerly of the Human Rights campaign, could only say, “because I don’t’ approve of that.” If that is a good answer for her as to why not polygamy, why is it not a good answer for me that “I don’t’ approve of same sex marriage?”

If marriage is simply love and commitment, then there are no logical boundaries anymore. We didn’t’ create marriage. It just is. And we can’t redefine it.

Join me in voting Yes on Amendment One on November 7th.

Okay guys, if you see any of these funny letters (quoting people from the HRC!) let me and the world know and maybe we can raise a little hell.

The Hate Amendment Bus Tour kicks off today. They'll be at the Courthouse in Murfreesboro at noon.