Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Corker Woes Spark Staff Shake-Up in Final Stretch

The Chattanoogan has been known to reprint the press releases of politicos verbatim, sans attribution -- that's why we call it a red state press. It sure looks like it did that little favor for Bob Corker.

I lifted the following from kos:

TN-Sen: The Corker campaign has brought in an entire new team to try and rescue it from defeat. Of course, the Chattanoogan has helpfully bought the Corker spin:

The Corker for Senate campaign today announced the opening of an additional Nashville office and "the enhancement of staff for the final stretch of the race."

But when the "enhancement of staff" includes a new campaign manager, a new political director, a new finance director, a new scheduling director, a new communications director, a new policy director, and a new research director, well then, that's a bit more than an "enhancement".

According to Rasmussen Reports, Harold Ford leads by 5 points as "Corker falters".

"Ford has an edge with unaffiliated voters and leads by a whopping 70% to 23% among moderates."