Monday, September 25, 2006

Bill Clinton Smacks Down Fox News

God, an articulate president, and with courage too.

What century is this?

It seems like it's been at least a couple of centuries since we've had a president who can articulate complex thoughts.

It's good to have Clinton come out fighting, and it's also long overdue. As Arianna observes, Bill Clinton has been playing at being bipartisan for far too long, and it has only helped the Dark Side.

"Chris Wallace said that he was stunned when Bill Clinton accused him of a 'conservative hit job.'" Clueless Wallace and Fox News should be stunned more often.

Speaking of the Inarticulate One, in a recent CNN interview, Bush summarized the Iraq War thusly: "I like to tell people when the final history is written on Iraq, it will look like just a comma . ."

Gee, do you think tax-payers paid someone to write that brilliant assessment for the pResident?