Thursday, October 20, 2005

Campfield (R) Says Some Politicians Are Corrupt

When he's not comparing the Black Caucus to the KKK, it's not always easy to figure out what Rep. Stacey Campfield is talking about.

In his latest blog entry, the Republican seems to be suggesting that some politicians are corrupt:

Political double speak

"We have nothing to hide"
Possible Translation: We don't want to show anything for as long as we can get away with it."

"I will check my records"
Possible Translation: "I will create a record to say whatever I need it to say"

Gee, is the Republican, of KKK fame, pointing the finger of blame at his fellow Republicans?

Surely Rep. Campfield is referring to the likes of Delay, Frist, Libby, Cheney, and the many other members of the treasonous Republican culture of corruption.

Guess we can always ask the blogging legislator now that he has re-opened his comments.

Hat tip to the venerable Jesus General

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