Thursday, May 02, 2013

Nashville T-Mobile Accused of Pregnancy Discrimination

T-Mobile Nashville appears to be guilty of pregnancy discrimination. And yes, pregnancy discrimination is illegal.  Talk about a cheap company. And dangerous to the health of women and their babies. 

The Nashville T-Mobile call center forced this pregnant woman, and god knows how many others, to get a doctor's note to go to the bathroom and then to clock out whenever she did!

  “If a pregnant woman is the only employee being forced to clock out, and they don’t require males or non-pregnant females to do so, it would seem to me that would be pregnancy discrimination.”

 Just the kind of stress a pregnant woman needs.   

Why would anyone buy a phone from an anti family company like T-Mobile?   

Mom's Rising Org:  Why I Believe in Paid Sick Leave: 

 My supervisor said if I had a medical necessity to use the toilet, I should go get a note from my doctor. And my doctor thought I was crazy. She told me, “I’m sure one person going to the toilet wouldn’t mean the collapse of an entire T-Mobile customer service center!” 

 ... After a long consultation with H.R. to make sure it would be air tight, I got the doctor’s note, so I was free to go to the bathroom whenever I needed. But T-Mobile was absolutely not going to pay me for going to the toilet. So every time I needed to go, I had to clock out and lot out of the system. Then I had to write it down and turn it into resource planning – just to make sure it I wasn’t gone an unreasonable amount of time! 
... I would sprint – as much as a heavily pregnant woman can — between my desk and the bathroom to make sure I squeezed every second I could out of my work day. Everything I did was scrutinized. I felt picked on. Someone was always watching over my shoulder, monitoring my performance.  . .

 Finally one of my doctors told me that she was putting me on full FMLA. It was all too much. I still wasn’t eating, drinking and using the toilet like I was supposed it. I was getting sick. My blood pressure was sky high. I was stressed about the possibility of losing my job and my health insurance.  I wanted to tell my story because this is why paid medical and sick leave is so important. No one should have to go through what I did.

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 “I’m done with T-Mobile. I don’t want anything to do with them anymore.”
                                                                                                        --  Kristi Rifkin