Friday, November 02, 2012

Ashley Judd Pens Tennessean Op-ed: DesJarlais Should Withdraw from Race

Ashley Judd has an Op-ed in today's Tennessean calling for Tennesseans to support Scott DesJarlais' opponent, Democratic Eric  Stewart.

Judd lists Scott DesJarlais' many offenses in no uncertain terms and tags the disgraced pol as a dysfunctional hypocrite. That's putting it kindly.

Thank you, Ashley Judd!: 
I personally don’t care if Scott DesJarlais, private citizen, is a hypocrite running amok over in Marion County. What I care about is when he tells us he’s a hypocrite we should re-elect... 

We Tennessee voters must hold him accountable on Election Day. If Scott DesJarlais wants to sort out his personal problems and seek office again someday, fine. But right now, it’s time for him to withdraw his candidacy for U.S. Congress. His stubborn refusal as yet to do so is a dismaying display of hubris and yet another sign he is out of control. 

Thankfully, we have another option for Congress, candidate and state Sen. Eric Stewart. I’m supporting him because he will represent the people of our state with the dignity and integrity that we expect from our elected officials. Join me in supporting Eric Stewart, a leader who will represent, not betray us.


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