Thursday, February 23, 2012

Gail Collins: Presidential Race Is About Women, Women, Women Instead of Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Quote of the Day

“If you had asked me what the big topic of the presidential race was going to be, I’d certainly have said jobs, jobs, jobs. But lately, we seem to be talking about women, women, women. In Washington they’re fighting about whether it’s a good plan to have all-male panels discussing women’s right to get contraceptives under their health insurance. In Virginia they’re debating abortion and Mississippi is thinking about bringing back the personhood amendment its voters defeated last year. In Indiana this week there was a dust-up in the State Legislature over the Girl Scouts, and whether they promote abortion and homosexuality.”
-- Gail Collins

Bonus Quote of the Day

"So let’s return to our normal subject. Men, men, men. Let’s go back and have a normal election: men talking about themselves. The love that won’t shut up."
-- David Brooks

via New York Times

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