Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lawmaker Proposes to Outlaw Gender-Neutral Names: 'Don't Say Stacey' Bill (Video)

Hilarious. D.W. Moorehouse (the man in the video) is targeting the odious and bigoted author of the 'Don't Say Gay' bill: Stacey Campfield.

"District Selectman D.W. Moorehouse (R) is attempting to pass a a bill of utmost importance, "Don't Say Stacey." This bill is meant to protect the most precious and innocent of commodities, the children. Don't Say Stacey would make it illegal to name children androgynous names which confuse and promote homosexual tendencies. Women named "Billy" and men named "Stacey" (just for example), have a higher likelihood of leading and sinful and unnatural lifestyle. . .

"That's Stacey with an "ey" like a girl. Or a man who is running from his feelings and picks on others to hide it."

Log on to today and see how you can help. Also, "Don't Say Gay"

via The Nashville Scene

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