Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Omen for Obama: Dems Stay Home in NY, GOP Wins

In a New York district held by Democrats since 1923, liberals stayed home last night. Thanks to Obama's betrayal of core Democratic values, the longstanding New York Democratic House seat now belongs to Republicans:

Polling leading up to the race indicated Obama was dragging down the Democratic candidate. Democratic pollster Tom Jensen of Public Policy Polling said that a Turner win would be “largely due to the incredible unpopularity of Barack Obama dragging his party down in the district” after PPP’s polling found Obama with just 31 percent approval in a district he won with 55 percent of the vote in 2008.

A Democratic strategist said Obama has become such a problem for down-ticket Democrats that he was wary of encouraging candidates to run next year. “I’m warning my clients — ‘Don’t run in 2012.’ I don’t want to see good candidates lose by 12 to 15 points because of the president,” said the strategist. . . Republicans were badly outspent in the race, but it didn’t matter.

Also, pissed off labor unions and "disloyal voters" led to a defeat in Nevada for Dems.

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