Friday, July 15, 2011

Is Everyone on The California Milk Board Sexist? Apparently.

If you thought for a minute that some forms of blatant sexism were left behind way back in the 1950s, then you haven't met the California Milk Board.

Gee, if milk cures crazy menstruating women, I wonder if milk is the solution to our moody and always disagreeable 83% male Congress. Maybe if Congressmen were required to drink milk, they might stop their incessant squabbling long enough to get something done.

And when can we get a product to cure rapists, batterers and the many many other forms of rampant male violence?:

The $1.2 million campaign, which includes print ads featuring distressed, guilty-looking men with taglines such as “I’m sorry I listened to what you said, not what you meant,” social media and a website, plays it up to the poor men who are burdened each month by nagging, irrational and, god-forbid, bloated premenstrual women. Not surprisingly, women (including this one) are far from pleased.

Jezebel: Telling Men They’re Victims Of PMS Sure Is An Interesting Way To Sell Milk:

The same people that brought you "Got milk?" are now trying to sell milk to men by telling them that it's linked, loosely, to alleviating PMS. According to The New York Times, "To make it seem as if the campaign is offering a public service to the men affected by PMS, the Web site's address ends with "dot-org" rather than "dot-com." Some examples of what can be found on this website: Bitches are crazy, man.

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